This is a strategy for increasing the efficiency of your dog walks. By increasing the intensity of your walk with your Pooch, you will gradually improve the health of both
Being summer, many people are going out to theme parks with their family and friends to enjoy a day of rides and amusements. Many people would think that Disney World
I have been suffering, as many of you no doubts have been as well, with the stifling heat we have had this summer. The heat takes the wind out of
If you have started a fitness routine, good for you! I find that in order to control my chronic back pain, exercise is a vital component of this effort. Staying
Forget a gym membership, get a dog. Not only do canine companions provide you with the inspiration to get up out of bed in the morning, they provide unconditional love
The importance of sleep in one’s health can not be underestimated. Everything we’ve learned about sleep has emphasized its importance to our mental and physical health. Our sleep-wake pattern is
Is it just me or has the news recently been filled with stories of unusual shark activity. Beaches closed, swimmers bitten, surfers harassed, even a case where a Great White
  Essential oils have been used since the dawn of time to treat the medical conditions experienced by mankind. The use of these oils in aromatherapy and as a topical
When a person suffers from extreme back pain, there is virtually nothing that they will not try to get relief.  My personal quest has been on a journey to seek
If you are like me, my back pain interferes with my ability and willingness to participate in physical activity. Thank God for my dogs! Owning a dog, or in my
We found this article with a bunch of helpful advise for all back pain sufferers. Since it is the summer driving season, we should take steps to head off potential
The initial stages of sciatica treatment generally involve a variety of conservative, or nonsurgical, treatment methods. Your doctor may recommend some combination of over-the-counter or prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical