Are You Exercising in the Right Order?

If you have started a fitness routine, good for you! I find that in order to control my chronic back pain, exercise is a vital component of this effort. Staying active will help you control your weight, improve your mental state, and allow you to participate fully in life.

If you are following a training program that includes both cardio and strength training exercises, research indicates that the  the order that you do the exercises is very important.

Experts ??? weight training ?h?uld b? d?n? first, b???u?? it’? a higher intensity exercise compared t? cardio. Y?ur b?d? i? b?tt?r ?bl? t? handle weight training ??rl? in th? workout b???u?? ??u’r? fresh ?nd ??u h?v? th? energy ??u n??d t? work it.

Conversely, cardiovascular exercise ?h?uld b? th? l??t thing ??u d? ?t th? gym, b???u?? it helps ??ur b?d? recover b? increasing blood flow t? th? muscles, ?nd flushing ?ut lactic acid, whi?h builds u? in th? muscles whil? ??u’r? weight training. It’s th? lactic acid th?t makes ??ur muscles feel stiff ?nd sore.

Keep up the good work! If you are like me, your back and body will thank you for it.

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