What is the BEST Disney World Ride?

Being summer, many people are going out to theme parks with their family and friends to enjoy a day of rides and amusements. Many people would think that Disney World and the associated theme parks are the Gold Standard for such parks. I came across this article that expressed the opinion as to which of the rides at the Magic Kingdom are actually worth the wait in line. Let us know in the comments below if you agree with their assessment.


Haunted Mansion

Based on California’s legendary Winchester Mystery House, the Haunted Mansion is a delightful and not-too-spooky romp through the afterlife. Your visit starts in the Stretching Room, which belies the fate of the foolish mortals who’ve crossed the Mansion’s threshold before you. From there, you’ll strap into a doom buggy and explore the creepy rooms and grounds with “999 spooks, and room for one more.” This nearly-50-year-old dark ride features classic Disney Imagineering in the Great Hall’s waltzing ghosts, Madame Leota’s Seance Room, and the hitchhiking ghost who follows you home.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain’s iconic, pointy exterior looms high above Tomorrowland, taunting all those who haven’t yet dared go inside and ride the pitch-black thriller. It’s not the fastest ride in the world, and appropriate for riders of all ages, but the fact that you’re enveloped in complete darkness and can’t see where you’re going heightens the scare factor. On the plus side, nobody will see the look of terror on your face.

Pirates of the Caribbean | Peter Lee, flickr

Pirates of the Caribbean

Swashbuckling sword fights, cannon fire, barrels of rum, and yes, Captain Jack Sparrow all await you on this dinghy-boat dark ride adventure. You’ll float through the underbelly of the pirate world, where animatronic rogues tear up Tortuga, mermaids come to life, and there’s plenty of treasure to be stolen. Just be sure to remember “dead men tell no tales…”

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It’s not the biggest or brashest roller coaster at Disney World, but Big Thunder Mountain Railroad packs a punch. The rickety locomotive races through an abandoned (and it turns out, haunted) mine shaft in the nearly 200-foot mountain. With just enough dips and hairpin curves to please riders large and small, this is an essential Frontierland attraction.

Jungle Cruise Ride | Lee/flickr

Jungle Cruise

This animatronic boat ride through Asia, South America, and Africa is as much about the skipper’s comedic narration as it is about the wild and wonderful scenery. Each tour is led by a different guide, but no matter who’s at the wheel, expect the best kind of groan-worthy jokes, bad puns, and a generous helping of self-deprecation. Come for the backside of water, stay for the confused looks worn by first-time riders.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

This interactive, carnival midway-inspired attraction is as much a game as a ride. You and your seatmate are armed with laser blasters and sent careening through outer space with Buzz, while shooting targets to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg. To take your score to infinity and beyond, control your ship with the center joystick and sneakily prevent your partner from getting points.

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Image courtesy of: Fotografik33 – www.fotografik33.com

Photo By Brett Kiger


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